Message from the Founder

Have you ever experienced something that caused you to stop and change direction? That happened to me a couple years ago when I lost my last remaining grandparent. I always believed there'd be more time but at 89 she breathed her last and never again would I hear her tell the stories about growing up on a farm and living through the Great Depression and WW2. She was committed to ministry and faithfully married over 60 years but all that remained were some old photos. If only I'd recorded her stories. Tragically they were lost forever and it was then I realized her legacy and the legacies of thousands of others were in danger of being lost just like footprints in the sand. Without the stories, even the trace of their existence would be lost and that wasn't acceptable so I started the company Got Legacy.

We save lives and set memories free through dramatic 1 hour video documentaries, slideshows, animated photos and the internet. We believe everyone has a story to share so we've made it our mission to preserve those treasured memories fast, easy, affordable and fun. Its my hope you'll take advantage of these services so you can be remembered in your own words. I truly believe you'll find peace and joy preserving your memories but best of all you'll be leaving a keepsake your loved ones will treasure for generations.

Warm Regards,
John McCarty
President & CEO | Got Legacy
O: 919.400.9995 | M: 919.247.7444